I am Abbie, a photographer originally from the depths of the Welsh countryside. Now based in the heart of Cheltenham, over the past three years I have been exploring my interest in photography, seeking my own personal connection to the photographs I produce. 

My photographs capture the essence of society within urban and rural settings, exploring the contrasting spaces focusing on the location and its surroundings. Initially starting this journey in 2018, the ongoing expedition delves into the depths of architectural space and how it could be altered to form a new perspective. The project started within a forest located across from my family house in Wales. Whilst I ventured through, I began to photograph the passages multiple times from various angles and points surrounding the pathway. These photographs were then merged together to form the series ‘Roots’.  As it appeared I have a natural connection to the forest, capturing the movement of trees, altering its outcome to form multiple routes through. 

This compelling series led me to investigate other spaces within a more urban location, yet again seeking the approval of the spaces whilst forcing multiple images together. Throughout the last two years at university, I have toyed with the concept of city spaces, producing many series each in which have their own themes and perspectives.Heavily influenced by artist Isidro Blasco, Beomisk Won and David Hockney, I have explored possibilities of deconstructing then reconstructing cityscapes, by compiling hundreds of images of the buildings to form the series ‘Joiners’. All in the hopes of eventually converting them into 3D sculptural depictions, drawing the viewer into the images offering a recognisable street view, exposing the details that have been folded, forming passages.

These have been my personal projects for the last two years; however, I am ready for a new journey. I have begun to explore portraiture in fashion, seeking history and stories to influence its outcome. By cross referencing to fashion I am hoping to form a contrasting unethical feminist depiction which can be seen in my series ‘Unorthodox’.


The Wilson - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England - 2018.

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